Since 1985, WP Construction has engaged in many multi-million dollar projects and accumulated an impressive array of experience in the construction history. However, our experience in construction goes much earlier through our association with Dao Kwei Kee Construction Company in the early 1930s in Shanghai and then later in Hong Kong during the 1950s. Over the years, we have participated in various partnerships with other leading firms in the construction field. Locally, our partnership with Wecon Construction Limited have satisfactorily completed  numerous projects in the region. Internationally, we have joined forces with RJ Marco Construction Co., Inc. in Minnesota, U.S.A., the Baghai Group in Toronto, Canada and Tobishima Construction (International Division) in Tokyo, Japan to undertake quality development projects in the respective locations. 


Shanghai Bund Park Lane Shopper's Plaza
Shanghai, PRC

德比集團1985年從業建築工程,已完成之著名建築物不少是由設計/策劃及建造參與.事實上,德比具有豐富建築經驗與陶桂記建築合作開始.陶桂記早在二十世紀初是為上海最著名的建築公司,1950年陶桂記來香港,業務發展迅速,和德比共同發展了很多優秀建築物.十數年間,德比與名建築資深人創立各類形合夥公司,積極參與各類建築項目,與偉工建築有限公司成功完成多項大型工程,與美國明尼蘇達州RJ Marco,加拿大多倫多市Baghai Group以及日本東京都Tobishima Construction(國際組),廣泛發展各類大型建築工程.

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